A few days before 2019 hit I decided to venture out to accomplish a goal that I’ve always tried but never completed. I looked at my “YouVersion Bible App”, Saved Plans and saw “ Reading the Bible in a year chronological order”. In that moment I remembered that in the latter part of 2018, I found the chronological plan and saved it. I’ve attempted the cover to back reading numerous times but always stopped at one specific book. It’s probably a book I’ve avoided, but let’s first discuss the books I’ve read so far.

Overall, I have enjoyed the readings. I have read Genesis and Exodus a couple of times but this time was a different. Thus far my eyes have been opened to God’s character, His nature and His love for a people, who truly will never be able to love Him the way that He loves them. In January, I read through Genesis, and Job and this month I finished Exodus.  I loved reading Genesis because it just puts God in a different perspective for me. I see how He used people who were unworthy of His choosing to bring forth His plan from the beginning of time! I know for many Christians we only think about grace when We look at the New Testament. But listen, God was graceful throughout the entire Bible! God’s promise to Abraham was that “if you walk  blameless before me then I will fulfill my covenant with you.”

In my eyes Abraham was not blameless. He had a son out of wedlock and lied a couple of times but when it came down to it He was willing to give up His promise at the word of God! That right there is what made Abraham righteous. He might have missed the mark a few times but God knew that in his heart he  was blameless. Grace was shown in the fact that God even blessed Ishmael, God saved Lot and His family( at the pleading of Abraham), God saved Noah and his family… There’s so many more examples but you get the drift.

Grace in itself is undeserved favor— listen the children of Israel received grace ten times over!  Alright that was the good stuff for me- there were days where I would read like 3 days ahead because it was so engaging. The Book of Job was the best soap opera every, lol. Man, looking at Job’s experience I saw myself and saw how God’s way can never be understood by our human mind. Job opened my eyes to seeing God as “Sovereign”. But now I’ve come upon a book that I’ve probably only read like 3 chapters of in my whole Christian walk… that book is Leviticus-

To be honest, I’m not looking forward to reading this book but I know that it’s pivotal when we look at God’s relationship with the children of Israel. When I think of Leviticus—> I see God undoing the 400 plus years of assimilation that happened in Egypt. Where a people that were chosen to be God’s possession have to re-learn what it means to be His. God had to teach them His ways by showing them the error in their ways. Tomorrow will be the first day of Leviticus so at the end of the book I want to share my experience and see if the above conclusion is right! 

What I find so interesting is that even though it was my desire to read the Bible chronologically God has used His word to reveal exactly what I need in this time… It just shows us that sometimes what we think are “our desires” is really the desire of God manifesting in us! Then again isn’t that what we want—- we want His desire to be ours–– we should be so entwined that we can’t separate the two. So here’s to confronting things that might appear daunting to us yet we know that God will use it for His glory and our edification. Here’s to Leviticus—

P.S this was written in the beginning of the month, I am happy to say I am almost finished with Leviticus and I can’t wait to share what the Lord has been showing me!

With love through Christ, Nadesha

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  1. Amen is all I can say to this right here!

    “It just shows us that sometimes what we think are “our desires” is really the desire of God manifesting in us! Then again isn’t that what we want—- we want His desire to be ours–– we should be so entwined that we can’t separate the two.”

    I will definitely be keeping this in mind as I try to learn and study better. Thank you for writing this.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing!! Excited to hear about what you’ve learned… that’s Definitely something that I want to study one of these days.. there’s so much lol.. I have also been guilty of serial bible plans. What I started doing was finding plans that really spoke to my situation. That has certainly helped it to be more meaningful!! Happy studying

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