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Are you ready to break free from the confines of the familiar and embrace a life of transformative renewal? It’s time to embark on a profound journey of healing and personal growth.

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Whether you're navigating mental health challenges, seeking personal development, or striving for a deeper understanding of yourself, our supportive and compassionate approach is tailored to empower you at every step. Together, let's unlock the potential for positive change, cultivating a mindset that paves the way for a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Client Testimonials

After losing my mom and going to God for help in my grieving process. He reminded me that He put specially gifted people on earth to help guide us in times like these. I was raised in a family where you don’t talk about mental health issues. So I just never even reached out. Then after a lot of sleepless nights I found Mrs. Crumbie on the first try. And I can tell you. It has made a major difference. I went there to help my grieving process and got healing from way more. I had childhood trauma I didn’t realize I had that was affecting my marriage, and my relationships with people of the opposite sex even down to the relationships I have with my father and son. And I was healed from that. I have really grown without realizing it. And that is all thanks to Mrs. Crumbie allowing me to sit in a safe space and open doors I didn’t realize I buried. I’m thankful for her. And recommend her because I feel like she is gifted in serving our community with healing.


I am so thankful for Nadesha Crumbie and her heart for helping people and the Lord. I signed up for counseling with her at a point in my life where I was coming out of an unhealthy controlling relationship and talking with her was a major part of my healing journey. I think the most important aspect of her work is that it’s Holy Spirit lead. My thinking and viewpoint of life had been corrupted by the manipulation I endured and she was able to help me reroute my thoughts back to the word of God and the truth so I could see my value rightly again. Her patience and nonjudgmental attitude towards me made it possible for me to feel safe enough to open up and be transparent. I am grateful for her and her ministry in counseling.

What I specialize in

Mental Health Therapy Services


Providing compassionate support and effective strategies for individuals navigating Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


Offering personalized therapy to help individuals manage the complexities of Bipolar Disorder.

Anxiety & Depression

Specializing in anxiety and depression management, offering tools and support for individuals seeking relief from overwhelming worry and fear.


Support and guidance for women navigating the unique challenges of life. Offering tailored assistance for issues leading to compromised mental health.

Relationship Issues

Addressing and resolving challenges within relationships to foster understanding and connection.

Personality Disorders

Tailored therapy for individuals managing and understanding various personality disorders.

Self-Harming & Suicidal Ideation

Providing a safe and supportive space for individuals struggling with self-harming behaviors and intervention for individuals experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Parenting & Family Conflict

Providing guidance and support for parents navigating the challenges of raising children whilst facilitating communication and resolution in families experiencing conflict.

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I specialize in a range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, relationship challenges, and stress management. My approach is rooted in both clinical expertise and Christian principles.

Faith is an integral part of my life. I integrate Christian principles and values into therapeutic sessions for clients who request it, offering a holistic approach to mental health and well-being. I approach faith integration with sensitivity and respect, ensuring it aligns with your comfort level. We’ll collaboratively explore if and how faith can be a source of strength and support in your mental health journey.

Absolutely. While my approach is rooted in Christian principles, I respect and cater to the individual needs and beliefs of each client. Whether you prefer a faith-based or non-faith-based approach, we can work together to create a therapeutic plan that aligns with your values and provides the support you seek.

Yes, I provide online counseling sessions for those who prefer remote access. Virtual sessions allow for flexibility and convenience while maintaining the same level of support and confidentiality.

Sessions typically last 50 minutes to an hour. The frequency of sessions depends on your individual needs and goals, which we will discuss and determine collaboratively.

Yes, confidentiality is a top priority. As a licensed clinical social worker, I adhere to ethical standards that protect your privacy. Exceptions to confidentiality will be discussed during our initial session.

I accept certain insurance plans, and fees are discussed during our initial consultation. I’m committed to making mental health services accessible, and we can explore the best financial arrangement for your needs.

Scheduling an appointment is easy. You can reach out through the Contact form on the website, or click the respective booking links for Medicaid, BCBS, Tricare & Self Pay or Private Insurance. I’ll respond promptly to discuss your needs and find a suitable time.