Here’s to you, Leviticus

A few days before 2019 hit I decided to venture out to accomplish a goal that I’ve always tried but never completed. I looked at my “YouVersion Bible App”, Saved Plans and saw “ Reading the Bible in a year chronological order”. In that moment I remembered that in the latter part of 2018, I […]

Remember Your Training

My husband(Kashk) met an incredible veteran while he was stationed in Alaska. He and his wife took Kashk under their wing and treated him like a son. We now call him Pop. Pop would spend Sundays at the dinner table with his wife, Kashk and a few younger soldiers sharing war stories. Let’s just say […]

#Transparency Thursday

Good morning,        I just wanted to share what has been going on for the past week. People always say when the Lord speaks to you it is always for you first before it is for anyone else. I found this to be true over the past two weeks. Everything I have written […]