Here’s to you, Leviticus

6 thoughts on “Here’s to you, Leviticus”

  1. Amen is all I can say to this right here!

    “It just shows us that sometimes what we think are “our desires” is really the desire of God manifesting in us! Then again isn’t that what we want—- we want His desire to be ours–– we should be so entwined that we can’t separate the two.”

    I will definitely be keeping this in mind as I try to learn and study better. Thank you for writing this.

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing!! Excited to hear about what you’ve learned… that’s Definitely something that I want to study one of these days.. there’s so much lol.. I have also been guilty of serial bible plans. What I started doing was finding plans that really spoke to my situation. That has certainly helped it to be more meaningful!! Happy studying


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