Who is able to advise the Spirit of the Lord? 
Who knows enough to give Him advice or teach Him? 
Has the Lord ever needed anyone's advice?
 Does He need instruction about what is good?
 Did someone teach Him what is right 
or show him the path of justice? 
Isaiah 40:13-14 NLT

How can our human minds comprehend an incomprehensible God? How can our low stature understand the power that lies in the hand of the creator of Heaven and Earth?

We have gotten to the place where we have made our experiences and knowledge our idol. We put so much emphasis on what we think we know and what we’ve experienced that we fail to see God; We fail to see the ways of God in the midst of everything. We take the place of God in our own lives by thinking that we know what is “good”. We try to give God our wants instead of humbly surrendering to His will.

I think about Jesus– fully God yet fully man– but He did not esteem Himself to be equal to God but became a servant(Phil 2:6) . He became of no reputation so that He could do what was and still is good– Die for us. Not even His disciples understood what Jesus had to do. He even told them a number of times what the Son of Man had to endure. Peter rebuked Jesus for speaking about His own death to come. Peter didn’t understand that in order to save one’s life you must lose it. Peter could and did not see that the death of Jesus was and will always be a good thing! Jesus rebuked Peter instructing him to be careful about being focused on the things of man instead of the things of God.

Goodness is based on what God considers it to be. What is good is not dependent on how good it feels but upon the development of God’s nature in us. As human beings, we live in a now perception. We cannot see pass what’s infront of us. We should leave the advice to God and put our trust and faith in Him who sees beyond our now. God who molded us in our mother’s womb. The one who understands the incomprehensible.

We become so earthly minded and driven that we think we know what is best. We speak about everything instead of praying about everything. We allow the current tide of society to dictate how we live our lives. We allow the strains in the world to dictate how we love God and people. We have become so involved naturally that God can’t use us spiritually. We equate discomfort with the devil as if God doesn’t use the valley to make the greatest disciple.

'O Jacob, how can you say the Lord does 
not see your troubles? O Israel, how can you say
 God ignores your rights? 
But those who trust in the Lord 
will find new strength. 
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
 They will run and not grow weary. 
They will walk and not faint.' 
Isaiah 40:27,31 NLT

After thought: I wrote those words in 2017. In a time where things were happening that did not feel good. I felt like God was ripping the ground from beneath me. But God was dealing with my heart. Showing me that my eyes needed to turn from the world and its circumstances to Him.

Many of us are feeling like God does not see our troubles. That our rights are ignored. The Lord sees our troubles. The Lord is aware of the pains and groaning in the earth right now. Just like He was fully aware of the troubles of the children of Israel. But every trouble and groaning came with a greater purpose. Trust in the Lord, He will renew your strength.

I want to encourage and challenge us to employ this practice– Fixing our eyes on Jesus. Fix our eyes on the cross which is the receipt for the price that was paid for our liberty. This is a reminder that creates an awareness that will help us when we are tempted to lay down those liberties and pick up what this world has to offer. Jesus, is an invitation for us to partake in God’s fullness. For us to be one with Him. We can’t be one with God if we are still holding on to the world or the world is still holding on to us. The world has tenticles that are reaching out to grab each of us. I pray that we will walk in the liberty and freedom that we have been given. Prying the enticing grip of the world from our souls. Jesus said that in this world we will have tribulations. We’ve seen this to stand true throughout history. But He said He has already overcome this world. When we are hidden in Christ Jesus, dead to sin but alive in Him, we too can walk in this victory. But we can’t be conquerors with Chirst if the world has already conquered us. Fix your eyes on Jesus, whatever that means for you. Seek His face, seek His wisdom, Seek His heart.

There are a lot of questions, answers, hypothesis ,and concerns and those will remain, but dear child let’s fix our eyes on Jesus. Let’s fix our eyes on the one who knows all and who does everything perfect.

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