Hello everyone!!

I hope the month of September has been treating you well! If it hasn’t I’m sure God is with you giving you strength and grace to get through it. I have to address my recent absence on the blog. I don’t really have an answer but all I can say is that the Lord is working in my heart and giving me a different direction for the blog. I’m beginning to understand that the Body of Christ is in need of desperate preparation before we become the Bride of Christ. Preparation that I believe is lacking or being ignored in some churches. I’ve always believed that one of my purposes given to me by God, Our Father, is to edify the body. As we approach this time and season it’s time for me to utilize that purpose and help to prepare us( myself) included for the wedding day. So I write all this to say that my blog will change its focus a little. I am not sure how exactly, but I felt the need to say this openly. I’ve been struggling because I felt like I neglected the blog but I realize that God wants to take it into a different direction. I am honestly unsure of my readiness. But I am willing to be obedient, willing to step out and say and do what He’s asked me to. So to everyone that has followed, commented, shared or liked thank you!!! I’ll have a new entry soon. I’m excited and nervous about this new direction.Yet, I know God is directing me so I’m going to rest, trust and rely on Him! I pray that anyone who may feel like God is redirecting your steps that you too will lean in, rely on and trust in Him. He’s watching your every step and if you slide His hand is right there to catch you!

With the love of Jesus!  

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  1. Woop! I am looking forward to the new direction. Praying that God’s plan and your heart for the blog does wonderful things in many lives!

    & remember to always take a break so you don’t get burned out from pouring out into other people’s lives.

    God bless.

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