This week has been another one of those striving weeks. Where it gets harder to wake up and remember who your God is. Where the first thing you want to do when you get up is not get up at all. You would rather stay under your blanket than do anything else. I’ve noticed that this tends to happen to me after making some moves in obedience or just with trusting God. This “place” is not a good place to be and if I’m not careful it can become a place that’s too familiar. But I decided that regardless of how I felt in the mornings I would give God thanks, I would spend time with Him, I would acknowledge Him throughout my day. I chose to remember that even if right now I don’t “feel” the greatest because God is with me “ I am good”.

Usually by Tuesday the Lord will lay something on my heart to write about but this week on my day to post I still have nothing (Lol). That’s totally okay though, I just want to encourage someone that even if you don’t feel “good” God is still good! And because He is good you will be always be “good”. You don’t have to worry about what the enemy throws your way, as long as you find refuge in God! It’s totally okay to remain still when God is silent! It’s totally okay for God to be silent! Oftentimes His silence speaks volumes. But we live in a world where no one acknowledges that sometimes God has to be silent to watch how we interpret His silence. He was silent during Job’s entire experience and at the end He checked Job for questioning and doubting His sovereignty! So you know what, I’ll just wait. I’ll embrace His silence because I know His presence is not based on my feelings but on His word! He will never leave me nor forsake me! Where can I go away from His presence, No where!!! Embrace the stillness in the silence!!!! God’s sovereign He can do whatever He chooses, and today And forever He chooses to love you! Thank you Father!

With the Love of Christ, Nadesha

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    1. Haha!! This was one of the first posts I ever read that you’ve written and I love it!!! You are so right—- getting that perspective right before I even get out of bed. Will be more mindful of this and putting this into practice!! God’s has certainly given us each a brand of sunshine!!!!!! Thank you?

      1. Shine on my lovely sister! I have to remind myself of what I’ve posted , just when I think I’ve got it all settled in my heart and mind, bam! satan throws me a curve and I get the joy of relearning the same lesson. Thank God He reminds me though!

        1. Yes!!!!! I agree 100% lol.. I find myself re-reading my post like “Yea girl get it together lol”. We are forever learning, forever disciples!! Thank you Lord for your loving reminders!

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