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While sitting in church today I felt that I needed to write this for my husband! Our story is and will never be a fairytale but it shows God’s faithfulness. Appreciate what God has given you, even if it’s not “pretty” like everyone else! Embrace the road you have to travel and let it be a reminder that it’s about how you finish! God loves you and He is the one that is working out all things for His glory! It will be Good! His ways are blameless. All the time I’ve been worrying, I wish I could have told myself to chill! God Is in control! I wish I spent less time worrying and more time trusting!


I remember the day you told me you were planning to join the armed services. I can recall the exact moment I was driving in my silver Camry and we were on the phone. At this time we weren’t on the best terms, technically we weren’t together. As I heard the words leave your lips I felt like someone took all the air from my gut. Like a ten-ton truck knocked the wind out of me. All I could say was okay, I don’t even remember what was said after that. I hung up the phone and I continued driving. Tears began to run down my face and I was so afraid. Even though in that moment we weren’t together I knew that we were meant to be together. God was just doing something that neither of us understood. Anyways, I just felt like you were ruining the life that we could have together. I just couldn’t understand why you would want to make this decision. In that moment I heard  the Holy Spirit say, “ why are you being so selfish, you followed your dreams let him follow his.” I can’t say that I felt peace but it showed me that you needed to do this. Later on when I asked you why you choose this route, you said this is where the Lord is leading you.  Five years later, I have to say babe thank you for listening to God. I thank God for the life that we are building together. Last year on this date you went on your first deployment. Everyday over those months was a test of our faith in God and everyday He kept His word. You came home whole, mentally, spiritually and emotionally! I know you’ve seen a lot but you continue to be who I chose to be my husband! Thank you for all that you do for our family! Thank you for the cross you carry daily! I know being the priest of our home is not easy and I know you carry the weight of our anointing! I will do all I can do to cover you and help you through! Thank you for your service babe, I love you!!


My marriage has been one of the greatest tools God has used to help me bloom. Being a wife has pushed, mold, convict and moved me in ways I cannot imagine! It isn’t always roses and petals! There are days where I am ashamed of my attitude or thoughts that I have had. Moments where I do not understand what God is doing and feel like I am in limbo. You might not be married but you don’t have to be married to understand what I am saying! God blesses us and He expects us to take care of what He has blessed us with.  He works through those blessings to make us more Christ-like. Everything  is for that purpose! He gives us the grace to endure and thrive in every season, so that in the end we will come forth  refined.  He wants us to have more of Christ in us than anything!

Love y’all with the love of Christ, Nadesha

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  1. Man…I love this Nadesha. Literally brought tears to my eyes and you know that’s rare lol. Wow, absolutely beautiful and as you said is applicable to other parts of our lives as well. Thanks for sharing this 🙂 Pic is poppin!

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