This week, I’ve been thinking about what my next blog post should be. Going back and forth between so many things the Lord has led me to write about, but still indecisive. Yesterday, while having a conversation with a person dear to my heart I realized what I needed to post. After we got off the phone I felt this feeling of weariness and every motivation I had in me fled as if it was a criminal fleeing from a crime scene.  I hate to admit that I allowed this to prevent me from doing anything on my “To Do List”. Well this morning, I still had the lingering feeling of lacking the motivation. But I lightly shook myself deciding that today will be productive. Today, I feel led to share this experience with my fellow sojourners. It was easy for me to allow motivation to be the scapegoat of my desire to do nothing.   When in reality my lack of motivation stemmed from unexpressed fear. Every time we step out in obedience in faith believing God’s word we will face obstacles. Oftentimes the obstacle is the person staring back at you in the mirror.  Our minds begin to make up what-if realities and we begin to lose sight of the “Bigger Picture”. We get so caught up in what will go wrong, how we will mess it up and who we are when it’s about what God will do, How God will use it and Who God is! Nothing about what we go through in life is about us! LET ME REPEAT THAT FOR THE PEOPLE WITH HARD HEADS IN THE BACK( ME) ” NOTHING WE GO THROUGH IN LIFE IS ABOUT US.”  Alright, now that we have that out-of-the-way–> God wants obedience but He wants consistent obedience. The initial act of obedience is usually the easiest, because we are excited about the word we just received and ready to see what God does. But what happens when God requires you to continue in obedience and guess what you don’t see what you thought you would see? Here comes Mr. Discouragement, leading to Mr. Doubt and next Mr. Fear. At the last stop you pick up Sir Quitter, why? Because it is simply easier to quit than to require diligence from your self.  I understand why the Lord says ” Obedience is better than sacrifice”. Obedience is a continuous act , whereas sacrifice  may just mean one-act. Obedience tells your flesh, “listen, I don’t care what you feel, what you say, what you see. God told me to do this I am doing it.” When it looks like your obedience is leading you to enduring some pressing obedience says ” Listen, God is the one who told me to do this so it doesn’t matter what is going on God is with me, I am moving forward. I am not stopping because the road is getting hard. I refuse to give up. Heeding the voice of MY FATHER is more important than anything else.”  Is it too much for our creator to require of us! I have to repent, because He’s given much and I have given little. Even in my day-to-day obedience is required regardless of the perceived or realized consequence.

I just wanted to share my humanity with you all today. Along the journey we will fall short and sometimes we will end up on our face. But even in those moments God still promises to be there with us, we just have to get up! I WILL GET  UP AND KEEP WALKING IN OBEDIENCE.

Daddy, thank you for conviction. Thank you that your Spirit exposes my heart! Thank you that you are a loving Father, who has given all for us! I pray that you will always remind us  that everything you have asked us to do, you will help us to do! We are not alone. We have not been called to make it on our own! I pray that each and every person that reads and visits this blog will have a renewed sense of your presence. That their eyes will see that YOU REALLY ARE EVER PRESENT! That they cannot run from you and that you love them! You love them beyond their flaws and you desire their obedience. Help us to see that the safest place to be is in YOUR OBEDIENCE! There is no good thing that you will withhold from those who truly love you! Thank you Daddy, for being all that we need when we need it! Lord, we love you! In the name is Jesus, who showed us true obedience, Amen!  Help us to HEED YOUR VOICE!

 Samuel said, Has the Lord as great a delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.’1 Samuel 15:22

With Love through Christ, Nadesha.

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  1. I find that it’s most difficult to endure in obedience when I don’t see the result I expected. But I keep remembering that’s God does in best work on private… Things aren’t always the way they seem. Everytime I read this post I am encouraged, God is working!

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