In the silence

5 thoughts on “In the silence”

    1. Haha!! This was one of the first posts I ever read that you’ve written and I love it!!! You are so right—- getting that perspective right before I even get out of bed. Will be more mindful of this and putting this into practice!! God’s has certainly given us each a brand of sunshine!!!!!! Thank you?

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      1. Shine on my lovely sister! I have to remind myself of what I’ve posted , just when I think I’ve got it all settled in my heart and mind, bam! satan throws me a curve and I get the joy of relearning the same lesson. Thank God He reminds me though!


      2. Yes!!!!! I agree 100% lol.. I find myself re-reading my post like “Yea girl get it together lol”. We are forever learning, forever disciples!! Thank you Lord for your loving reminders!


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