Honor in the Cave

Every new year or season I see some people posting about this new trend in Churchisms. I’ve seen it so many times and I often wonder where and why we allow that mindset to come in to our hearts. Sometimes it is also preached from the pulpit and the congregation responds with an agreeing “Amen”….

The Slighted Crown

This is Bloom in Journey right? A place where I said I wanted to be transparent and where others can glean, share and support each other… That is the ultimate goal. So along my journey I am compelled to share my experiences. Whether they are triumphant or disastrous. Let’s start from the beginning: Heads up…….


This week, I’ve been thinking about what my next blog post should be. Going back and forth between so many things the Lord has led me to write about, but still indecisive. Yesterday, while having a conversation with a person dear to my heart I realized what I needed to post. After we got off…