Caleb: Where is my Confidence?

Dear Caleb,       I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to write. I’ve set it in my heart to write this for letter 2 weeks but just couldn’t bring myself to write it. I have one question for you.. how did you do it? You and the other 11 spies went to explore Canaan, the Promised […]

Aaron and God’s Burden

Dear Aaron, You were truly a trendsetter. The first of the Levitical priesthood–chosen by God to come before Him for the people. As I read about you, I see how God restores your relationship with your brother in the wilderness. Moses wasn’t confident in his ability to do what God had chosen him for so […]

The Call to Go Against the Grain & Jeremiah

Shalom, Jeremiah. You’ve always fascinated me. I’ve tried at least 3 times to read your entire book. I always find myself getting caught up in the first seven chapters that I never get to the end. Let me explain, it grabs my attention but it’s so deep. I feel like in order to really grasp […]

Sarah & The Impossibility

       Dear Sarah, Your story has always been one of the ones that perplexed me the most. As a married woman I try to wrap my mind around why  you would give your husband into the arms of another woman and I cannot understand it… But as a woman who waits and has waited in […]

Job & the Dried Up Brook

Dear Job, I read halfway through your story and I am compelled to write you this letter. In some ways, I feel a connection to your experience that inspires me to look at my life and God differently. While reading about the loss of your wealth, children and health I selfishly began thinking about my […]

From My Pen to Heaven

Shalom everyone! First off, thank you to everyone that has taken the time to visit, read, comment, follow and share Bloom in journey. My only prayer is that what the Lord has led me to share has been as much of a blessing to you as it’s been for me! With that being said… I’ […]