God’s love for us did not begin when we were born. But prior to birth God loves us. In the womb He sees us and we become the apple of His eye. At this point of our life we have done nothing to deserve His love but He chooses to put His love upon us.

A love that can never end because it is eternal. When we are born we enter into the world sinful because that is human’s nature. God still loves us and He spends the rest of our lives drawing us to Himself. He desires to restore us back into relationship with Him. The relationship that was broken because of our sinful nature. If you don’t know the story of Adam and Eve, it’s a story of a couple that was given the world and God’s love but still chose to do what they thought was right.

This is or was the story for many of us. We live or have lived our lives with no concern about what God said but to please ourselves . But His message never changed “ I have loved you with an everlasting love”. The purpose of the love of God is to draw us to Himself. Not for us to say “ God I know you love me but I’ll stay on my side and you stay over there”. He wants us to know Him as Father, King, Savior, Lord, Comforter and Healer amongst other things.

God’s so loving that He sent Jesus His Son- The Father’s love personified-that we would have an example, and also as an atonement for our sins. Jesus lived a sinless life, He was crucified and resurrected. His life is an example to us that when we focus on God the Father’s will and pursue to bring glory to God we can overcome the trials of this world. His crucifixion that happened years ago was the final act to restore the relationship between God and man.

All we have to do is accept His sacrifice and believe that He died for us. He took our sin on Himself and was crucified. He will not be crucified again because the work He did the first time was a complete work. It was, is and will be enough for our sins. It’s a gift given to us by our loving creator who desires that we become a part of His family so we can call Him Father! I don’t know about you but that is indeed the greatest love story of all time. God continues to chase after us, He woos us with kindness, grace and mercy.

Not with the intentions of leaving or abandoning us but so that He can transform and empower us to fulfill the purpose we were created for. When we become a part of His family His grace covers us as we begin to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, learning to be more like Him in the way we act, think, and speak. The Holy Spirit counsels us to make decisions that are pleasing to God and will lead us on the plan that was written for us. If you feel like you might be someone that said “ God I know you love me but I’ll stay here and you there” or if you don’t know what it means that God loves you and want you to be Apart of His family and that you surrender your life to Him, making Jesus the Lord and Savior of your life then this is for you. He has more for you and He welcomes you to be near Him.