Learning to Lean

4 thoughts on “Learning to Lean”

  1. Nadesha, your post blessed me because one of my prayers is that God will raise up courageous wise hearted women who will be real with themselves, repent of disobedience and give God all the glory. You did all that in your post. At 72 I can tell you in America we have never needed courageous wise women more. Christianity is more like something people just add to their list of who they are. That is easy, hey I go to church, hey , I wear a cross, hey I give to orphans, hey, I do, do, do, do. The only thing God wants us to do is die to self, the rest will follow. Even admitting we are frail is hard, we like to live in our head and think we are what we think we are. But God says live in my head, the Word, I will show you what you are not so you will turn to me. My goodness you have blessed me. I will be back for another visit.

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    1. To God be the glory… Thank you so much for your encouraging words. If we can’t be honest with God and ourselves then who will we be honest with. I pray that more of us will recognize our need for God in everything! Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to more visits! Thank you

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  2. Nadesha, this post is so bold and so beautiful. I felt every word and tear through the pain but I also felt that breakthrough, that feeling of victory and overcoming through the revelation of who God still is and who He will continue to be. I love how you broke it down. this line “IT’S EASY TO WALK OUT OF THE GRAVE BUT IT TAKES ENDURANCE, STRENGTH, COMMUNITY, FAITH AND JESUS TO REMOVE THE DEAD CLOTHES.” specifically spoke to me. so easy for us to keep the dead clothes on – holding on to the past.

    this is a beautiful post. too beautiful to put into words about how I feel about it.
    love you so much and so proud of you
    God bless


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