3 thoughts on “Refuge”

  1. So profound, it is the simple things that we find ourselves doing that replace the space and time for god in our live. We must uncap these mysteries, and truly seek god for him to point out to us where we’ve replace him with some form of idol. This blog definitely reassured me that our father is really chasing after us and wants us to truly commune with him and have him in every aspect of our lives. We serve a great loving big god.

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  2. The Lord has been working with me on this as well! I found myself watching a lot of YouTube videos.. The Lord checked me and said look at the common thread in most of these videos… The common thread was that most of these videos were made by gay men.. what are you gaining from watching these videos?.. NOTHING!! ..The Lord has challenged me to use YouTube to learn a new language instead.. last night I began my ASL journey!


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