God’s Precipice: Limitless

4 thoughts on “God’s Precipice: Limitless”

  1. Nadesha, this was so encouraging and convicting for me to read this morning. Faced a major disappointment this morning that worked up all these lies that I continue to battle in my mind, about my value, abilities, faith journey, etc. I willfully succumbed to the lies. I embraced burying myself in distraction and bad choices to cope. Justified the allowances and compromises I was making. But I CHOSE to read this post first. It was exactly what I needed. GOD IS GOOD! And your words convict me to also choose Him and His light. Amen!


    1. Justina!!! When I read this this (Friday) morning I was encouraged.. would you believe that halfway through typing it I almost didn’t post it. I found myself in the situation you just explained too many times.. but Thank God for grace which He gives us in every situation! I am too happy that this post convicted and encouraged you! That’s my desire! The Holy Spirit is real y’all!!!!! I was dragging my foot so much that I almost posted it today( Friday) instead of yesterday, but I knew I needed to post it yesterday( Thursday)! That was for you my friend. He knew that you would need it, He always knows! Thanks again! Amen!


  2. It always reminds me that we are not in this alone, as Christians we share similar struggles. The devil wants us to feel alone but we must rise up and share our struggles and failure as a testimony of how the spirit of god brought us out of the hands of the enemy. Thank you for reminding me that our struggles and failure is god working things out in us.


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