Step into the Light

Photo by Pixabay on As I was on my knees praying I started praying for the church, the body of Christ as a whole. I got up to write and I got stuck…. But a scripture came to my mind. I finally found the scripture: This is the judgment [ that is, the cause... Continue Reading →


Photo by Pixabay on I remember when we lived in Alaska, my husband would go to work and I would be at home. I didn't really  have a lot to do so I spent most of time in the house and sometimes I would go for walks. He had friends but I didn't know... Continue Reading →

God’s Precipice: Limitless

Photo by on For years I’ve fought a difficult battle. There were moments where I overcame. But within days I would be faced with the same battle. I’m a little embarrassed to say that most of these moments I did not overcome. I would have weeks of victory only to fail again. Going... Continue Reading →

The Shadow

Photo by Pixabay on One of the most famous Psalms is Psalm 23. Christians and none Christians alike can quote a few verses if not all. This morning, I laid in bed during a difficult time for me.  I went to read Psalms 23. It’s almost like an automatic response: here comes distress, let... Continue Reading →

I’m Still Here

Happy Turkey Day to all!! I know Thanksgiving was a few days ago but I was so busy I didn't have the chance to write a post... We were hosting this week, which means that my schedule and focus was a little out of whack! But nonetheless, I know that I want to express what's... Continue Reading →

The Ruck Sac or Dress Blues

I walked into the sunroom and I noticed my husband's  Dress Blues hanging nicely by the window. It was decorated with shiny metals and colorful badges he's earned over the years. His Ruck Sac was sitting on the floor, it was worn, a little faded and stuffed to capacity. The full Ruck Sac meant that whenever... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to my Husband

Prelude : While sitting in church today I felt that I needed to write this for my husband! Our story is and will never be a fairytale but  it shows God’s faithfulness. Appreciate what God has given you, even if it’s not “pretty” like everyone else! Embrace the road you have to travel and let... Continue Reading →

Remembering: Key to Overcoming

Part 2 of " Remember Your Training " We can use our past experiences as tools to resist the devil. By remembering how we overcame in the past, so that we can overcome in the present. The enemy comes with the same tactics intending to deceive, tempt and destroy our confidence in God. If you... Continue Reading →

Grow in Faith

I find that I am most encouraged by encouraging others! I hope this encourages you! Today is one of those days where I’m being tested on whether I’ll take God at His word or take the world at its word. What I’ve noticed is as you begin to display more faith, opportunities for faith increases.... Continue Reading →

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