I’m Still Here

Happy Turkey Day to all!! I know Thanksgiving was a few days ago but I was so busy I didn’t have the chance to write a post… We were hosting this week, which means that my schedule and focus was a little out of whack! But nonetheless, I know that I want to express what’s on my heart. As an immigrant, we never celebrated Thanksgiving until we moved to America. But as I’ve gotten older I see the importance of being thankful not just on a designated day but everyday. It’s so easy for us to look at everyone else’s life and compare because their life might look more glamorous. Their life might be the life we thought we wanted. But we have to remember that if we are never content with our portion everyone’s life will look better than our own. Discontentment will lead to expressed bitterness and that’s what we will pour into our life. This is in every season of life. When we are never content we will never be happy. There will always be something we want that we can’t get. That’s just the reality of life; we have to look for the beauty in our own lives! It’s there but we can’t see it because other people’s lives are blocking our view. I wanted to remind myself and everyone else to be content with what the Lord has given you in this season. It might not be what you wanted but believe me it’s what’s best for THIS SEASON. God only gives good gifts. I know what it feels like to be in a season and wonder when God is going to come through for me, but I’m always reminded that He sees everything. I can’t anticipate what’s coming my way, because by the time I see it it’s too late. So I’m learning to just let God have His way. I’m learning to trust Him! I’m learning that His ways are perfect. I’m learning that The potter knows what He’s doing, even if I think I look like a lopsided pot(lol). I’m in God’s hand and that’s the safest place for me! This journey has and will always be a trust walk. Praying that we learn to be content regardless of the season! I pray that we are grateful for all God has done for us!

Love you all through Christ,


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